1966: The Lutheran Serviceman’s Center was dedicated for ministry at the present location of the Lutheran Church of Guam after prayerful efforts on the part of a group of Lutheran laymen. Both civilian and military personnel were served through the center.

1969: When the Lutheran Serviceman’s Center closed in 1969, the Lutheran Church of Guam was formed, and it became a LCUSA congregation, or one that was sponsored by the Lutheran Church in America, the America Lutheran Church, and the Lutheran Church Missouri Synod.

1988-2009: The Evangelical Lutheran Church and the Lutheran Church Missouri Synod worked together in pledging mission support for LCG. In spite of its many transient memberships, LCG grew by the grace of God.

1972: A parish hall was dedicated for the mission purposes of preschool classes, Sunday School classes, prayer gatherings, confirmation classes and fellowship activities. Since then, the congregation’s outreach ministry of Tender Shepherd Preschool and Child Care has continually served families and their children from 2 to 5 years of age by providing quality growth in a Christ-centered environment.

2009: LCG disaffiliated with the ELCA and became affiliated with Lutheran Congregations in Mission for Christ (LCMC) and remains affiliated with the LCMS.

2011: LCG became what it is today, an independent Lutheran church with these two affiliations.