Worship Schedule

Pentecost Sunday 2021

Join us at 9:30 a.m. on Sundays for worship! The service is traditional on odd days and contemporary on even days.

Worship generally lasts about an hour, occasionally followed by light snacks or a potluck. When we don’t have refreshments, there is generally a group that goes out for breakfast and would love to have you along!

Holy Communion

You don’t have to be Lutheran to commune with us. If you are baptized and believe Jesus died and rose again to forgive your sins and give you eternal life and if you wish to “do this in remembrance of Jesus Christ,” please join us for communion. Both wine and grape juice are offered. Individually sealed communion cups are also available.

Children Welcome!

Children are welcome in our worship service (let them make a joyful noise!). Our greeters would be happy to provide you with a children’s activity bag or books for the service, and children will have a special part of service just for them during the Children’s Message. Additionally, we have a cry room with a diaper changing table at the back of the sanctuary by the restrooms. The room has a window into the sanctuary so you can continue to follow along with the service.

Traditional service structure:

  • Welcome
  • Confession & Forgiveness
  • Opening Hymn
  • Apostolic Greeting
  • Kyrie
  • Hymn of Praise
  • Prayer of the Day
  • Readings
  • Sermon
  • Hymn of the Day
  • Apostle’s Creed
  • Prayers of the Church
  • Sharing of the Peace
  • Offering
  • Words of Institution
  • Lord’s Prayer
  • Communion
  • Benediction
  • Sending Hymn