COVID-19 Announcement

For the health and safety of our members and visitors, Lutheran Church of Guam has temporarily suspended all physical gatherings, including Sunday morning worship services. Please take a moment to read a letter from our president:

March 17, 2020

Dear LCG Family:

On Monday evening the church council held an emergency meeting to review the Governor’s Executive Order declaring a state of emergency on Guam. As you are aware this order closed down the Government of Guam Offices, the Courts, as well as the Guam Public Schools for a period of at least 14 days. The order also prohibited gatherings in public of more than 50 people in any facility.

In light of the executive order prohibiting the gathering of more than 50 people in any single facility the Council reluctantly decided to cancel the physical gathering together for worship. We are going to conduct a virtual worship service for anyone who wishes to participate. I am working with Kevin, the Worship and Music Chairperson, to organize the virtual service. We will provide more information as soon as we have worked out the details.

“I always pray for the opportunity…I long to see you…to help you grow strong in the Lord…but I was prevented until now.” (see Romans 1:8-17, Romans 15:17­-33)

While we are not going to be gathering together physically to worship this does not mean we cannot continue to worship together. We are looking into having Adult Sunday School meet using Zoom or another online meeting program, at our regular 9 AM Sunday time.  We will send out more information and a link to the class as soon as we can. However, don’t wait on Kate, Kevin and me setting up virtual worship. I am encouraging each of you to establish a Bible Study of your own with friends and family here or anywhere around the world using any online program you are comfortable with. For small groups you could even use Skype or Facetime.

While we are not physically gathering together to worship our other ministries are even more important. Please let us know if you are willing to provide assistance to others who may need help because of the disruption caused by the virus.

The council also decided that Tender Shepherd Pre-school would be closed. Our initial plan is for TS to be closed for up to two weeks. At the Council meeting next week, we will evaluate if the closure period should be modified.

The news at the moment is filled with reports of worlds fearful reaction to the Corona virus. I encourage each one of you to take the necessary precautions as recommended by medical professionals to help reduce your chances of contracting the virus. However, I also want to remind you that Christ is with you at this scary moment. He will protect us.  We have no need to panic. During this time of stress, we should focus on being as healthy as possible in our daily life with a focus on making sure our relationship with Christ remains healthy.

Your brother in Christ

Jeff Moots, President